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Why Should Your Young Athlete Wear a Mouth Guard?

August 9, 2021

If you’re a proud parent of a young athlete, you’re aware of the fact that sports can put them at risk for injury. According to research, a kid who’s not wearing a mouth guard for children in Coral Gables is much more likely to sustain dental damage. For this reason, dentists highly recommend these protective oral devices.

Mouth Guard for Children Coral Gables

Top Reasons Why Young Athletes Should Wear Mouth Guards

They Protect Teeth

Although teeth are extremely hard, they can also be brittle. Without a mouth guard to protect your child’s teeth while they’re playing sports, their pearly whites can crack or break after taking a hard blow without any type of cushioning. Since this oral device cushions the teeth from blows, it reduces their risk of suffering a cracked tooth.

It Prevents Jaw Damage

Mouth guards can significantly reduce the impact of a blow and reduce the severity of one of the most common injuries in contact sports – jaw injuries. If your child somehow suffers from an injury to the jaw, this protective appliance can effectively minimize the amount of shock their upper jaw and lower jaw can take.

It Reduces the Risk of Sustaining a Concussion

One of the best things about wearing a mouth guard while playing sports is the fact that it reduces your child’s risk of sustaining a concussion. Studies show that overall cranial impact is reduced by 50% if a mouth guard is worn during a hit to the jaw or chin.

It Protects the Lips and Cheeks

If left uncovered, teeth could potentially do considerable damage to your child’s lips and cheeks. To steer clear of punctured or lacerated lips and cheeks, remind your child to wear a mouth guard.

Mouth Guard for Children Coral Gables

Looking for a High-Quality Mouth Guard for Children in Coral Gables?

At Premier Pediatric Dentistry, you can expect us to care for your child like they are our own. We aim to exceed the standard of care while making you and your young athlete feel safe and cared for. Contact us today to book an appointment with Dr. Ashley Rosenbaum.

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