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A pulpotomy, better known as a “baby root canal,” is a dental procedure performed on a child’s primary tooth. This treatment may be indicated when a cavity has invaded the tooth’s nerve tissue (pulp).

Root Canal vs. Pulpotomy

Both a root canal and a pulpotomy can treat a tooth damaged by deep decay. However, we may recommend one treatment over the other based on the extent of damage we find.

A pulpotomy is performed when the tooth’s nerve tissue is partially infected, and only removes the affected portions of the nerve.

What to Expect During the Procedure

During a pulpotomy, our dentist will remove the infected pulp and seal off the opening with a dental filling. This will protect the tooth from further infection and allow it to heal properly. Pulpotomies also prevent the infection from spreading to your child’s surrounding teeth and gums.

Several different medicaments are available for this procedure. Premier Pediatric Dentistry uses Mineral Trioxide Aggregate (MTA), which has been shown to have a high success rate.

What is the Purpose of a Pulpotomy?

The goal of a pulpotomy is to preserve the life of your child’s tooth until it’s fully developed and prevent the need for an extraction. Removing the affected pulp and sealing off the opening allows us to save the tooth and prevent further damage. The state of your child’s primary teeth will determine how healthy their permanent teeth will be.

Does Your Child Need a Pulpotomy in Miami, FL?

Do you suspect that your child’s tooth has been damaged by decay? Bring them to Premier Pediatric Dentistry so our gentle team can take a look and provide the necessary treatment. Contact our office if you have any questions!

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