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Posterior Stainless-Steel Crowns

If your child’s cavity is too large for us to place a white filling, we will recommend a full-coverage prefabricated stainless steel crown. The components of the crown are similar to a piece of jewelry and provide protection and strength until your child’s tooth exfoliates.

Crowns That are Best for the Back Teeth

The back teeth (molars) have a different shape and function than the front teeth, as they’re primarily used for chewing and grinding food. They also have a larger surface area, so they can develop cavities more easily.

When a large cavity is present on a molar, we often recommend placing a stainless-steel crown to protect it from further decay. It also restores the tooth to its original shape and size.

Taking Care of Your Child’s Posterior Stainless-Steel Crown

Your child should avoid sticky foods while wearing a stainless steel crown.  It’s still important to brush and floss regularly to maintain good oral hygiene.

Some other tips for keeping your child’s crown in good shape are listed below:

  • Maintain proper oral hygiene
  • Avoid sticky foods and candy
  • Visit your dentist regularly to assess the health of your child’s crown

Does Your Child Need a Posterior Stainless-Steel Crown in Miami, FL?

If you have any questions about stainless steel crowns, please feel free to contact Premier Pediatric Dentistry. We are here to help you and your child maintain healthy teeth and gums for life!

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