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Silver Diamine Fluoride

Silver diamine fluoride (SDF) is a topical medicament used to decrease tooth sensitivity and re-mineralize small carious lesions. It is used to halt caries in young children and prevent them from growing in size.  It can also be used to stop the progression of a cavity on a tooth that is close to exfoliating.

Who Can Get an SDF Treatment?

Silver diamine fluoride is ideal for children who cannot sit still long enough for traditional dental treatment. This may include children with severe dental anxiety or special needs. Since silver diamine fluoride is a less-invasive option for treating a cavity, it’s also beneficial for kids with multiple dental caries. We may recommend this treatment for little ones at a greater risk of tooth decay.

How Does SDF Get Rid of Cavities?

After the dentist applies the silver diamine fluoride to the cavity, the medicine will stain the cavity into a darker color. The silver component kills the bacteria within the cavity, and the fluoride restores minerals to the cavitated portion of your child’s tooth. The healthy part of the tooth will not be stained from the silver diamine fluoride.

There may be options to mask the discoloration in certain situations, including fillings or crowns.

SDF For Tooth Sensitivity

The FDA has cleared silver diamine fluoride as a tooth-desensitizing agent.

Without its protective covering (enamel), the mineralized connective tissue (dentin) allows temperatures or food to stimulate the nerves within the tooth, resulting in sensitivity. Applying SDF to sensitive teeth forms a layer of protection over any exposed dentin surface by partially closing the exposed dentin tubules. Your child’s teeth will then become less sensitive.

Treat Your Child’s Cavity with Silver Diamine Fluoride in Miami, FL!

At Premier Pediatric Dentistry, we’re committed to helping children fight cavities and tooth sensitivity. Give us a call to see if silver diamine fluoride is suitable for your little one!

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