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Common Questions About Fluoride Treatment

February 12, 2021

Did you know a fluoride treatment in Coral Gables is a crucial step in preventive dental care? If your child doesn’t receive this care regularly, they may find themselves at risk of getting cavities. You can learn more about fluoride treatment by looking at the answers to some commonly asked questions from other parents.

What is a Fluoride Treatment Coral Gables?

Frequently Asked Questions About Fluoride Treatment

What Does This Treatment Do?

The dentist applies fluoride as a topical treatment to the surfaces of your child’s teeth. It works to bond with the strands of minerals present in the teeth’s protective barrier called enamel. Enamel serves as the first defense against harmful cavity-causing bacteria.

The bacteria produce acids that attack and weaken this mineral layer. Enamel erosion exposes the affected tooth to bacteria that trigger cavity formation. The fluoride treatment works to strengthen the tooth enamel before this can take place.

When Is It Necessary?

Unlike regular dental cleaning, the dentist won’t have to apply fluoride on your child’s teeth every time you visit their office for a preventive appointment. This treatment is usually only given if enamel erosion is detected. If the enamel hasn’t been fully compromised yet, fluoride treatment can further strengthen the teeth and boost demineralization.

Will It Guarantee Your Child Stays Cavity-Free?

It’s important to note that cavity-causing bacteria are constantly present in the mouth. Although proper oral hygiene and fluoride treatment can help prevent cavity formation, they won’t totally guarantee that your little one won’t ever experience getting a cavity. However, it’s possible to significantly reduce their risks by making sure they stick to their oral hygiene practices and visit their dentist every six months.

What is a Fluoride Treatment Coral Gables?

Do You Need Fluoride Treatment in Coral Gables?

At Premier Pediatric Dentistry, we make fluoride treatment a part of a regular dental care routine. Our goal is to boost your child’s needs to prevent the formation of cavities effectively. If you want more information about this type of treatment, schedule an appointment today.

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