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Best Foods for Your Child’s Teeth 

October 25, 2021

Most parents think that regular visits to the pediatric dentist in South Miami and helping their kids stay on top of brushing and flossing are enough to keep their teeth and gums healthy. However, the foods and drinks in your little one’s lunch box can also have a massive impact on their dental health. We’ve put together a list of foods that can help strengthen your child’s teeth.

A plateful of vegetables for healthier teeth

Foods That Strengthen Your Child’s Teeth

Fresh Fruits

Except for highly acidic fruits, most fruits are good for enhancing your child’s dental health. For example, apples and strawberries help wash away bacteria from the surfaces of the teeth because they trigger saliva production while your child eats them. These fruits also help keep the digestive system clean and healthy due to their high fiber content.

Leafy Green Vegetables

Leafy green vegetables contain vitamins and minerals that help strengthen and protect your child’s tooth enamel. Celery and other veggies that have fibrous strands act as natural scrubbers as your little one chews.

Dairy Products

Milk, cheese, yogurt, and other dairy products are rich in calcium, phosphorus, and casein protein. These essential nutrients help put back minerals that your child’s teeth may have lost due to other foods. In addition, they also help neutralize acids that can accumulate on the enamel.


If you’re looking for healthier alternatives for chips, encourage your child (at least over five years old) to munch on cashews, almonds, and peanuts. Besides strengthening the tooth enamel while replenishing lost minerals, chewing nuts can also aid in saliva production.

Water with Fluoride

Fluoride is a mineral that helps rebuild and strengthen the enamel. Allowing your child to drink water with fluoride can minimize their risk of developing tooth decay.

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